Aluminium Laminate Foil Recycle

Aluminium Laminate Foil Recycle

Our proprietary aluminum-laminate-foil recycling technology

The resource recovery of aluminum laminate foil (resin-coated aluminum foil) is said to be difficult, and a little less than 10,000 tons of aluminum laminate foil is disposed of in landfills or incineratedburned every year.

In FY 1996, we were selected by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) as a company in charge of “waste-application development/expansion implementation business” and conducted empirical technical research on aluminum-laminate-foil recycling. In FY 1997, we had our business plan for “SME New Business Activity Promotion Act research and development” approved by Shizuoka Prefecture and established a raw-material recovery and mass-production system, which was considered a key problem to address. The above business has since shown considerable progress.

Since the beginning of development, we have had to clear several hurdles, including the necessity to comply with environmental standards concerning dioxins, etc., in order to achieve commercialization. We also successfully managed to utilize a thermal recycling method to extract the aluminum component without subjecting the aluminum to oxidation. By completely burning the resin in aluminum laminate foil and appropriately dealing with the exhaust gas, we take environmental measures related to dioxins, etc.

Our Advantage

Yamaichi Metal’s aluminum-laminate-foil recycling advantage

Environmentally friendly thermal recycling

By utilizing a thermal recycling method that uses the resin component of aluminum laminate foil as a heat source, we have reduced the amount of used heavy oil. Our proprietary manufacturing method involves completely burning the resin component, which enables us to take suitable environmental measures in response to the environmental problems of dioxins, etc.


Extraction of the aluminum component from aluminum laminate foil

We developed and achieved the practical application of a technology for extracting the aluminum component from aluminum laminate foil that has been disposed of without subjecting it to oxidation. We have been involved in the aluminum-laminate-foil recycling business for more than 30 years. During that time, we recycled more than 50,000 tons of aluminum (current as of April 2018).





1000-series aluminum granules

These are 1000-series aluminum granules extracted from aluminum laminate foil. Our customers use them as a reducing agent.

Recycle Process

Our aluminum-laminate-foil recycling process

  • 写真:アルミ箔リサイクル工程

    We use a belt conveyor to send the collected aluminum laminate foil to our crushing process. This is the starting point of aluminum-laminate-foil recycling.

  • 写真:アルミ箔リサイクル工程

    This is crushed aluminum laminate foil. After the foil is crushed, it is sent to our roasting furnace.

  • 写真:アルミ箔リサイクル工程

    The resin component of the crushed aluminum laminate foil is roasted, and it is used instead of heavy oil as a combustion improver.

  • 写真:アルミ箔リサイクル工程

    Head office factory where 1000-series aluminum granules are collected

  • 写真:アルミ箔リサイクル工程

    1000-series aluminum granules

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About our aluminum-foil purchasing standards

Basic purchasing standards

Aluminum foil (12 microns or more) laminated with a thin resin film such as PE, PP, or PS (not polyvinyl chloride) or coated with ink or resin.
Coil scrap with a paper or steel core, pressed compression scrap, sheet-like laminate scrap, etc.
Unprocessed aluminum foil.
× Aluminum foil to which paper is attached or that has been coated with graphite.
× Metal foil other than aluminum and objects to which such foil is attached
Rolled foil
Discrete foil
Compressed discrete foil

If you have any questions regarding detailed purchasing standards, collection area, frequency, or quantity, please feel free to contact us using the form above.